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Achieve 10 winning streak, Juventus Inter Milan the sliding

Juventus pay 32 million euros, or the equivalent of 485 billion rupiah to recruit Paulo Dybala from Palermo. The cost of expensive it is not useless because Dybala paid him with steady contributions.

Even new age Dybala 22 years on last November. Its status prior to the Juventus star was indeed, but limited in Palermo.

Therefore, doubt accompany the player steps into the Juventus Stadium last summer. Recently, there have been three months slid criticism of controversial President Maurizio Zamparini, Palermo.

"Massimiliano Allegri Dybala damaging," said the Zamparini questioning attitude coach Juventus it's because there's not much give Dybala opportunity.

Greeting the Zamparini out on last October. At that time, Juventus still a crisis whose performance. Now, Zamparini may be licked his own spit and revise his criticism made Allegri.

Achieve 10 winning streak, Juventus Inter Milan the sliding

The magic boy is gradually transformed into the new Idol of the public Club Juventus. The price of the transfer of almost 500 billion rupiah paid Dybala gelontoran with11 goals and 7 assists in the League this season.

He lives it took two goals again to match the record for the largest private collection in a season. Throughout the 2014-2015, Dybala make 13 goals for Palermo.

In the meantime, Juventus fan can forget two ex whiz who resigned last summer, Andrea Pirlo and Carlos Tevez. The role of the two men successfully patched Dybala.

Not only vital in initiate and execute opportunities like Tevez, a very reliable source of Dybala goals via the ball dead as Pirlo.

Udinese, in the face of the week (17/1/2016), he scored two goals through deadball, i.e. the free kick and a penalty. He also gave assists berandil create goals Sami Khedira and Alex Sandro.

"Dybala? He advanced rapidly and still have plenty of room to grow, "says Allegri after the Udinese game cons.

Juventus victory success 10th consecutively in Serie A after bending Udinese 4-0, Sunday (17/1/2016). Results it makes shifting back Inter Milan Juventus in second place on the standings.

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Juventus rise again from third place to a runner-up seat thanks to a landslide victoryin Friuli, the home of Udinese. GOL-gol Serie A defending champion that comes from the account of Paulo Dybala (two goals), Sami Khedira, and Alex Sandro.

Achieve 10 winning streak, Juventus Inter Milan the sliding

Juventus presents hell in the first half made Udinese. Guest team opened the 15thminute through a free kick Dybala.

Juventus get gifts the ball dead after a breach of Kwadwo Asamoah. The execution results of the ball left leg vibrating mesh seamlessly Dybala opponent.

The set-piece situations back to spectre create Udinese three minutes later. Starting from the corner, got the ball in front of the struggle going on goal Udinese to terminate creation of Juventus second goal via goal Khedira.

Germany midfielder it freely Gore ball Dybala submissions results in the face of the goal. Double torture for Udinese from happening again in the 26th minute.

Their Defender, Danilo, became the last person to violate any of the forbidden areaMario Mandzukic. Danilo red player the referee, while Juve got a penalty.
Dybala execution ever gave birth to The Old Lady's third goal.

Three minutes before drinking, Juventus add excellence via Spurn gorgeous Alex Sandro. The scoring winger origin Brazil was created after he dribbles and passes an opponent's personnel on the right side of defence of Udinese.

Achieve 10 winning streak, Juventus Inter Milan the sliding

After leading a disastrous and superior number of players, Juventus did not lower the pressure in the second half. Throughout the game, Massimiliano Allegri forces unleashing 13 shots. As many as five of them appeared in the pascajeda experiment.

Dybala, Asamoah, Alvaro Morata, Mandzukic, and Leonardo Bonucci alternately have opportunities for Juventus. However, there are no additional goals are created even if the guests looked more dominating games.

With this result, Juventus bag 42 numbers and are still linked to minus two points from the standings, leader of Naples. The series of 10 winning streak which is writtencs Dybala. meritorious meroketkan their eight ranking from 10th position in secondposition Sunday becoming the 11th this week!

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