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Roberto Mancini Attacked Icardi and Jovetic

The revolution performed Palermo is getting serious. Serie A bottom Board clubs that attract former bomber Predrag Mijatovic, Real Madrid, returning to Italy.

The return of Mijatovic certainly not continue its function as a player. 46-year-old man was already hanging shoes in 2004.

Palermo won Mijatovic to fill the seat of the Vice President of the Club. The attackers Real Madrid in 1996-1999, it would have full authority in the areas of engineering.

Mijatovic had a large role in determining the election as well as the clubs transfer bow players and coaches. Collectors of 29 goals in 90 party during Real Madrid's costumed it will work as the right hand of controversial President Maurizio Zamparini, Palermo.

Roberto Mancini Attacked Icardi and Jovetic

Mijatovic's presence continue the agenda revolution Zamparini. Earlier, the President appoints former Argentina national team midfielder Guillermo Barros Claudio, as coach.

Claudio Davide Ballardini, who replaces the fired Zamparini on 11 January.

For Mijatovic, moving to Italy from the Nice bathtub of her career a dozen years ago. He has strengthened the Serie A Club, Fiorentina, in 1999-2002. After retirement,Mijatovic tasting Director of football at Real Madrid in 2006-2009.

Zamparini need massive revolution given Palermo slumped to 17 after absorb Genoa 0-4 on a recent match in the League, on Sunday (5/1/2016).

Gonzalo Dismisses are skyrocketing along with Napoli. Club Italy South of the does not want to lose Time and ready memagarinya with release of transfer clause that could exceed 100 million or Rp 1.5 trillion!

Dismisses scored 20 goals in 20 appearances in Serie A Italy competition this season. Bomber that Argentina also credited meroketkan Napoli to the top of the standings while.

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Steady performance Dismisses is certainly making a giant European clubs tempted.Not impossible anyway there will be a team that dared to issue a huge cost to the player mencomot from Naples.

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Roberto Mancini Attacked Icardi and Jovetic

2, 28 years old, still bound by contract in Naples until 2018. In a letter written that cooperation should be willing to take off the Club Party Time if there are enthusiasts who paid 94 million or equivalent to Rp 1.4 trillion.

The amount of these costs are listed in the release clause or clause release transferat this time. Naples officials worry there is a bold clubs would qualify if viewed performance Dismisses growing lure.

Therefore, President of Napoli, Aurelio De Laurentiis, is reportedly preparing a new contract for 2. Renewal of cooperation that would tie the bomber until 2019, with a release clause increased to 100 million euros or more.

If so, who dare to buy Time?

Inter Milan failed to win in last weekend's two Italian Serie a. Inter Coach Roberto Mancini, attack two of their offensive players, Stevan Jovetic and Mauro Icardi.

After being defeated Sassuolo 0-1 Inter just got a 1-draw at Atalanta. The red lineof the two-party problem reappeared. Mancini complained about the lack of contributions to the attacker.

"We have talented players at the front-line that should be doing better. We need toprint a lot of goals, "said Mancini was upset.

Icardi and Jovetic so target. The two top players that still have yet to find a productive cooperation and alignment in line of attack.

This season, Icardi and Jovetic had never gave assists each other. In fact, both appeared together for 643 minutes. A magical goal against Atalanta was only comes fromsuicide opposing players.

Roberto Mancini Attacked Icardi and Jovetic

In total, the club called I Nerazzurri aka The blue then black-25 goals in 20 weeks this season. Their offensive lineup just contributed 17 goals.

The number was in fact lost much of its collection a Gonzalo Dismisses in Naples (20 goals).

The number of 17 goals from midfield to attack Inter divided into contribution Icardi (8 goals), Jovetic (4), Adem Ljajic, Ivan Perisic (2), as well as Jonathan Biabiany (1).

The data is more worrying and dangerous for Inter was a matter of their chances ofreaching quarter-finals. Based on the analysis of the journalist, Italy, Mario Sconcerti, symptoms of lack of touchdowns makes Inter should not expect too much for a degree.

Nerazzurri just scored an average 1.25 goal per party. Compare with the pemuncakTorres, Napoliwho recorded two goals per gim.

Since the Serie A competition using the format 20 teams in 2004-2005, there was never a champion team noted the ratio of goals under 1.8 pieces per party.

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