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Balotelli: go from Liverpool, Sakho!

Manchester City midfielder, Ilkay Guendogan, claims to be very impressed with his new Club. In fact, he assesses the City larger than FC Bayern Muenchen.

Guendogan recruited Manchester City from Borussia Dortmund in June 2016. Banderolnya at that time reached 20 million pounds ($ 324.9 billion).

At his new Club, tasting different atmospheres Guendogan. Now, he felt had a greater responsibility to bring Manchester City achievements.

"When I came to Manchester City training center, it's very impressive. In fact, the Bavarian Club classmates cannot outmatch because was in a different League, "said Guendogan told Kicker.

"I was in a world class Club who want to develop within the next few years. The responsibility of a player would be enlarged and it does not I feel in Dortmund, "he added.

Balotelli: go from Liverpool, Sakho!

At the beginning of his arrival at the Etihad Stadium, Guendogan got whose knee injury. The condition that forced her hiatus until September.

After recovering, Guendogan else proves his capacity. He managed to perform his latest hit in some matches in the Premier League and the Champions League.

Of the 11 games, Germany national team players were able to record five goals and two assists, including two goals against FC Barcelona on November 1, 2016.

"You have to fight hard. At the City's expectations are so high because of the influence the activity of the players and the presence of Josep Guardiola, who is the personification of success, "said Guendogan.

OGC Nice, striker Mario Balotelli, openly suggested Mamadou Sakho to leave Liverpool.

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Initially, Sakho is central defender mainstay the Manager, Juergen Klopp. But as time went on, the defender could not trust the boss.

France-born Player that's not played since April 2016 Klopp after he got a penalty for failing a doping test. The condition of the course made Sakho frustration.

Balotelli: go from Liverpool, Sakho!

Balotelli who also had been a "victimKlopp, feel concerned by the fate of Sakho. He suggested Sakho to go from Liverpool.

"I have talked to Sakho from time to time. It is unfortunate he can't play, because he is one of the best. He appeared in every decent action, and should he leave, "says Balotelli to TF1 Sunday (6/2/2016) local time.

In that occasion, Balotelli also does not hesitate to invite a defender that year 26 to join to Nice. According to him, Sakho ability would useful to Nice.

"If he wants to come, I will talk to him. I am actually going to do it. January can be agood deal, "he said.

Sakho initiated his professional career at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in July 2007. Six years later, Liverpool menggaetnya with around 16.15 million pounds ($ 262.4 billion).

While at Liverpool, Sakho had incised 80 appearances in the entire competition, as well as recording three goals.

"I know in the past a lot of things going on here, let alone the story of two or three years ago when Liverpool really close to winning," he said.

Liverpool, which won the League the last time the United Kingdom in 1990, currently leading the standings while the Premier League.

However, the last weeks of season 2013-2014, particularly the defeat of Chelsea are stained terpelesetnya Steven Gerrard, still overshadow the team's Juergen Klopp.

"I know in the past a lot of things going on here, let alone the story two, three years ago when Liverpool really close to winning. However, this is not a team of two or three years ago, "said Klopp.

"It's also not the team 25 years ago. We were really new. We keep cool. This is the best position that I can imagine, but nothing else has happened, "said the Germany coach.

Balotelli: go from Liverpool, Sakho!

Liverpool captured the top Premier League after demolishing Wigan with a score of6-1 at Anfield Stadium, Sunday (6/2/2016).

As for their rivals, Chelseahad to feel the top of the table on Saturday (5/2/2016) with 5-0 victory over Everton, following a 1-draw earned Manchester City 1-1 at home to Middlesbrough.

Meanwhile, Arsenal actually have the chance to top the standings, but Arsene Wenger's troops were being held 1-draw by Tottenham Hotspur at home to Arsenal.

"No pressure after 11 days of the match, really no pressure," said Klopp, as quoted from the BBC Sports.

"We looked at Chelsea, they are quite impressive. Man City play like Barcelona, quite impressive, and Tottenham is a good team. There are a lot of teams that are really good ... "he said.

Meanwhile, related Liverpool, admitted his team seemed Klopp "pretty good".

"We did not speak a single word about the possibility of becoming the leader of the standings. For me, it's more important that we look like a team capable of winning the match, "he said.

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