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Capello Will Endorse AS Roma Win The Scudetto

Stevan Jovetic made his exceptional joint action In Inter's first goal, he made a pretty decisive victory I Nerazzurri (blue-black) 1-0 victory over Atalanta in public Stadium Giuseppe Meazza.

The 25-year-old man was brought in from Manchester City. After an arguably failedin the United Kingdom, he tried to resurrect his career in Italy again. Jovetic even dare ask for a back number 10 at Inter.

The number was previously worn by Mateo Kovacic, who moved to Real Madrid. Not only that, number 10 Inter had long lost touch magisnya. Will Jojo returns the horrors of the number 10?

Jojo reveals many things about his career so far in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport. The following excerpt.

Capello Will Endorse AS Roma Win The Scudetto

City like not berjodoh with you.

While I know left by Manuel Pellegrini in squad for the UEFA Champions League in the second round by 2014/15. I don't want to bring the controversy about it becausenow I want to get Inter to the UEFA Champions League.

On the other hand, the color blue black-looks like it has become a destiny, because either accidentally, or through the cool moments.

You mean my first goal in Serie A?

True, I made a goal against Atalanta (berkaus blue-black) while still reinforcing the Fiorentina. I scored from a penalty and win 2-1.

Beautiful goal in a weekend game yesterday was also against Atalanta. While an accident happened while I was at Partizan in a trial game against Inter hosts Roberto Mancini's team eight years ago.

You use the costume of number 10 and made the deciding goal in the victory at Meazza.

Scored a goal like that puts a tremendous feeling. The scoring a minute before Malouda born just after the action in his debut in front of their own supporters.

All the elements of the team is very happy, even me. Like all the supporters who came to hug me. I like the feel of fan was in the field.

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Capello Will Endorse AS Roma Win The Scudetto

How can I get the number 10?

First, Mateo Kovacic, who was a good friend, go. On the day of departure it is official, I am thinking about asking for things which previously never had the courage made express.

The number eight has always been a favorite of mine since childhood. The numberworn by Pedrag Mijatovic and Dejan Savisevic. Then there is the number 35 that I wear at Partizan. I chose that number because the number already there wear.

Then, I tried to create the requested number 10 to the team manager, Andrea Romeo, and Manager of the Club, Dejan Stankovic, who has been like a big brother for me, as well as Vice President of Javier Zanetti.

Because empty number 10, they gave to me. A dream so real.

Actually, what your dreams as a child?

Football. I always dreamed of being a football player, even though I also love to ski.

When I was 10 years old when played on the streets of the city of Podgorica. At any given time, the siren would sound.

Sure the sound was not the referee declared the match over, but warning that a bomb had been dijatukan in Montenegro, and also in my town.

So we all ran and locked themselves in the House and prayed that the bomb, whichwas dropped by NATO is not about us.

Thrive in such an environment it makes you mature more quickly and not make youafraid of anything.

Arguably when grown in a situation like that, you are not easily scared.

Capello Will Endorse AS Roma Win The Scudetto

Turning to the United Kingdom, how these moments form you?

I am getting mature, strengthen the mental Experience and made me learn a lot of the stars I met at Manchester City.

I also learned from mistakes, even learning from what went well. The character of the side, I became more relaxed and confident in front of the goal. While atFiorentina, I always said it should be sharper when completing an opportunity, and Igrew into it like that.

Whether you've read the statements of Arturo Vidal about a game price too expensive?

He was right. Everything is now redundant. Transfer fees are absurd on the rise. Before this, your price would soar after winning some scudetti, UEFA Champions League, champion or the World Cup.

Not current players don't deserve the valuations, but remember you with Zinedine Zidane?

He's expensive, but it is Zidane, who has won many titles.

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