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Challenge Juventus, Totti Goal Seek to-300

Internazionale is rumored to have success in the hunt for the future Ivan Perisic. According to the Agency, a midfielder for Wolfsburg it will undergo medical tests at Inter, Saturday (29/8/2015) morning local time.

Internazionale and Wolfsburg reportedly has reached a deal to question the transfer of Ivan Perisic. The player's agent, Tonci Martic, declared that his client will get a long-term contract duration of five years.

Alotnya the process of negotiating a new agreement was reached until 02:00 in the morning. First, howeverPerisic will undergo medical tests.

It's called the Croatia midfielder will undergo a loan and the end of the new seasonwill be dipermanenkan with the value of the transfer of 20 million euros (about 433billion rupiah). In the process of transfer payments Perisic, Inter will be doing three times the installment that started at the end of a season later.

"We reached an agreement late into the night. This morning, he's going to Milan to do medical tests and signing a contract duration of five years, "said Martic was quoted as saying Football Italy.

Challenge Juventus, Totti Goal Seek to-300

Striker Mario Balotelli who recently borrowed from Liverpool, is now directly go list of AC Milan's squad to face Empoli at the San Siro on Sunday (30/8/2015) early morning GMT. It is certainly very surprising.

Surprisingly for a coach Sinisa Mihajlovic to directly memasukkanBalotelli in skuatnya because he did not have a good physical condition. 25 year old player that neverappeared to defend the Reds early in the season by 2015-16, even in pramusim action though.

This is expressed directly by Mihajlovic. Besides Balotelli, the player who just joinedMilan, Juraj Kucka, will also be part of the team that prepared the face of Empoli.

"Balotelli and Kucka, both will be available for the match. Balotelli is very less in terms of fitness and have never been involved in a match, but he could be useful for us on throughout the game, "stated Mihajlovic was quoted from Sky Sports.

"There is no doubt about the potential for Trophies as a player. The thing is he always comes from mentally, but he has made a promise and I am sure that he will take care of her, "continued Miha.

"He has a moral commitment to all people, but I also have seen him have the determination. He's always been a good boy. He has made many mistakes and realize that this is his last chance, "he explained.

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Challenge Juventus, Totti Goal Seek to-300

Inter return to the San Siro as a player on loan earlier this week only after one yearhe left Milan to join Liverpool at a price of £ 16 million (Rp346 billion).

With Liverpool, Balotelli only scored four goals in 28 matches in all competitions. The amount that is not enough for The Reds to want to give him a second chance.

0-defeat of Fiorentina in the Serie A opener weekend 2015/16 AC Milan made himto immediately seek a new ammunition in the middle sector.

The Italian IL Rosso (the Red Devils), the brothers were associated with several names, among them Roberto Soriano and Joao Moutinho. However, Slovakia midfielder Juraj Kucka, who, until the first at Milanello (Milan's training exercise centers). Kuckapurchased from Genoa with a cost of three million euros plus bonuses.

In Milan, Kucka would wear the number 27 back. The 28-year-old player was tied contract until 2019.

"Target? We want to fly high. I will give my best in every position, wherever the coaches decided to play me, "said Kucka Italy in Football.

Opta noted that Kucka was cast with the number of Genoese tekel (363), shots (165), and three (4,022) most since 2010.

Kucka believed there would be difficulties to adapt because in Milan there were three ex-teammate in Genoa last season, i.e.Luca Antonelli, Andrea Bertolacci, M'Bayeand Niang.

"I heard Antonelli excited and hoping a lot to me," said the player who had 127 times mentas in Serie A that.

AS Roma captain Francesco Totti hasn't gotten at all hours to appear in Serie A 2015/16. Totti just watching from the bench while his peers play 1-draw with Verona the past weekend.

Challenge Juventus, Totti Goal Seek to-300

However, the Prince of Rome inappropriate disappointed. According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, team coach Rudi Garcia, Wolf, is planning to play Totti since first minute of Juventus, cons party of the week (30/8).

"Totti and Edin Dzeko played together? It is not impossible, "said Garcia in AS RomaChannel.

For the sake of accommodating Totti, Garcia could have broken the 4-3-3 scheme and switch to 4-3-1-2 or 4-4-2. In addition to working to help Roma victory at Serie A 2015/16, Totti also brings a personal mission.

He is now the target of a shared 300-Rome in all event. Totti certainly would absurdly happy if scoring 300 number he could make against Juventus which is a direct rival of Rome in the hunt for the scudetto.

From 299 goals that have been packaged Totti, as much as nine of whom he created in his duel against Juventus.

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