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Pjanic: Roma Patahkan The Record Scudetto Juventus

Roma midfielder Miralem Pjanic, claims to be confident of his team's chances of going to grab the Scudetto this season. According to Pjanic, his team has a great opportunity to take over the position of champion of Serie A Club Juventus.

In the last four seasons, Serie A has already patented belongs to Juventus. Origin of the Turin Club success reaching four times the Scudetto title.

However, this season The Old Lady lost a number of players who became an important actor in the success of the Club. This is the reason North Pjanic confident that the Scudetto this season will switch to the Club.

"Juventus are still a great team. However, they lost Andrea Pirlo, Arturo Vidal, and Carlos Tevez, an important figure in their heyday, "said Pjanic was quoted as saying Football Italy.

"(It's time for Rome) for trying as close as possible to them and hope we can catch up with them this season," stated that Bosnia and Herzegovina origin players.

Pjanic: Roma Patahkan The Record Scudetto Juventus

Roma will entertain Juventus in Sunday's second match on Monday (31/8/2015) early morning GMT. The game became more important for Juventus as they lose 0-1 from Udinese in the opening match of the Serie A last week.

As Roma called has everything to a degree the Scudetto this season. At least that isasserted by coach serior origin Italy, Fabio Capello.

Since taken care of by Rudi Garica in 2013 then, Roma has again incarnated as a respected Club in Serie a. Roma earned the Honorific while twice consecutively successfully finished second under Juventus.

According to Capello, Roma are already fixing a number of deficiencies in their squads. Thus, Capello Rome judge favored as the candidate deserves strong winning the Scudetto.

"Giallorossi should improve their quality in terms of mentality. This is because they already have everything to reach quarter-finals. They are a balanced team now. They bring quality players in all positions, "said Capello as Italy followed Football.

Pjanic: Roma Patahkan The Record Scudetto Juventus

Roma will entertain La Vecchia Signora in Sunday's second match of the series on AMonday (31/8/2015) early morning GMT. Capello is convinced such action is very important and difficult for both.

"This will be a very important match and also difficult. In fact in this second week favoring Roma, as they are much better, "said Capello.

"Juventus should immediately improve the quality after losing three important players. That's the fundamental reason because they will be dealing with the Roma, one of the candidates winning the Scudetto, "explained Capello.

Inter success through Prime weekend with victory. They are now in line stringing Jose streak when cage visited the Club to promotion, Carpi, Sunday (30/8).

Inter had a good chance to make it up with positive results. "Sampdoria are only scoring in the first half I. We then rise up and do good after a pause until able to produce goals. Passion in Act II that we will return against Inter, "said midfielder Carpi on loan from Juventus, Luca Marrone.

Inter coach Roberto Mancini warned his team in order to be aware of the anger of the crew of the Carpi. Energy champions of Serie B last season it was about doubledsince melakoni will debut in the new stadium of Alberto Braglia.

Pjanic: Roma Patahkan The Record Scudetto Juventus

Carpi Braglia Stadium wearing, Modena f.c., assigned for Serie A and Coppa Italy. Carpi headquarters, Sandro Cabassi, just helpless people and no 4,144 capacity standard Serie.

Braglia 21,151 bench and capacity has been completed renovated. The stadium fieldwas now wearing technology Mixto hybrid grass in combination with 85 percent natural grass and 15 percent synthetic.

The technology was also used at the headquarters of the majestic giant Real Madrid, Santiago Bernabeu, thereforelocal media mentions Braglia as Bernabeu mini.

The tradition of the promotion of Alertness is not simply a concerned spirit ManciniCarpi around in the new enclosure. Inter should display Windows on the tradition ofthe traps which are normally prepared a promotional team.

Inter play maximum liability would face the constraints of the absence of striker Mauro Icardi. Bomber that Argentina only appear 15 minutes in Prime weekend due tohaving problems on the thigh muscles.

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In the first round matches in 2013/14, Inter success bend Sassuolo, Serie A team of the debutantes at that time, with a massive 7-0!

A season earlier, the Nerazzurri also won 3-0 over great teams promotion of Pescara. Only, the following two events cannot escape highlighted.

At the first meeting in 2011/12, Inter are painfully bent Novara 1-3 and resulted in the sacking of coach Gian Piero Gasperini.

A year ago, the Nerazzurri also failed to win over the team promotion, Palermo (1-1). Whether the Carpi were to follow in the footsteps of Sassuolo or Novara?

"Duel against Carpi will be difficult and we all knew it. Nobody believes the opponent will just sit back. If you want to win, we have to play nice and work hard, "said Mancini on the website of the Club.

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