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4 the legend of the Arsenal that abandoned by Arsene Wenger

Thierry Henry decided to leave his position as assistant coach U-18 over Arsenal gets ultimatum from Arsene Wenger. The Professor asks Henry to focus undergo a role as coach and left the profession as a commentator.

France national team legend it was in between the two options. He finally made a difficult decision by choosing to part with Arsenal, the club that was so loved.

Henry who was trying to get a professional trainer licence is not a legend The Gunners first allowed to go unremarked by Wenger. Henry's former Arsenal player joinedother ignored by Wenger.

The man who holds the record as the Arsenal top scorer is searching for opportunities in other clubs, to continue its program for the sake of getting a professional coach license.

4 the legend of the Arsenal that abandoned by Arsene Wenger

The following four legends who are ignored by the Arsenal Arsene Wenger:

1. Patrick Vieira

Patrick Vieira was one of the players brought in by Wenger when joining Arsenal in 1996. Vieira got the assignment as captain of Arsenal's Tony Adams post his retirement in 2002.

France was the origin of man appears as an important figure of The Gunners and got the highest confidence from Wenger. Moving to Juventus in July 2005 had a pity party.

After a season in uniform, and defend Juventus Inter Milan from 2006 to 2010, Vieira decided returned to the United Kingdom with the strengthening of Manchester City.

It made Wenger disappointed. After retiring in 2011 and expressed his desire to become a staff coach Arsenal, Wenger firmly reject Vieira.

2. Dennis Nicolaas Bergkamp

Dennis Nicolaas Bergkamp was one of the non-player United Kingdom the successwith The Gunners. He retired on 2006 after eleven years playing for Arsenal.

Rather than offering a position coach, Arsenal thus offers the position of co-discoverer to complete man named Dennis Nicolaas Maria Nicolaas Bergkamp was.

4 the legend of the Arsenal that abandoned by Arsene Wenger

The offer was rejected Nicolaas Bergkamp and he returned to the Netherlands to spend time with his family. In August 2011, Nicolaas Bergkamp was appointed assistant coach Frank de Boer at Ajax Amsterdam.

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3. Sol Campbell

Sol Campbell's move to Arsenal from Tottenham Hotspur in 2001 is a controversialevent that ever happened in the Premier League. For, Arsenal and Tottenham is therival city and has always been the ardent foes.

After five seasons of strengthen the Arsenal, Campbell decided to go at the end of the season 2005-2006. Other United Kingdom Club ever, Campbell retired in may 2012.

He was looking for a club to began his career as a coach. Sol Campbell asked Wenger to give him the opportunity to become a staff coach at Arsenal. But the request was rejected by The Professor.

4. Mikel Arteta

The former Arsenal captain, Mikel Arteta, retired at the end of the 2015-2016 season. During active play, Arteta running his role as team captain as well.

But the injuries that often hit the make Arteta pulled over in a long time. Spain has always been an origin man showed potential as a football coach.

Failed to get the offer to become coach of Arsenal, Arteta staff accepted the offer from Pep Guardiola to be coaching staff at Manchester City.

4 the legend of the Arsenal that abandoned by Arsene Wenger

Cast pilar Leicester City, Riyad Mahrez, a suprising decision making. As reported byThe Sun, Saturday (16/7/2016), an Algerian Players allegedly did not want to extendhis contract with The Foxes after carrying the club won the Premier League in the summer of 2015-2016.

The decision was triggered by the failure of this Mahrez Club to retain the N'Golo Kanté who reportedly had agreed to move to Chelsea. Alongside Jamie Vardy, KasperSchmeichel and Kanté, this 25-year-old player became the key to the success of TheFoxes in the print history on last season.

Earlier, the Manager of Leicester, Claudio Ranieri, already confirm if Mahrez Club will survive. However, the screenplay falls apart due to the chain reaction departure Kanté. Currently, Mahrez still bound by a contract with Leicester until the year 2019.

The Club's management plan will offer a new contract to Mahrez. In the contract, the best player of last season's Premier League will get a raise of more than two-fold, namely reach 80.000 pounds ($ 1.38 billion) per week.

In January 2016, price estimates reach Mahrez Riyad 30 million pounds ($ 518 billion). Arsenal Premier League clubs rumored to be interested in recruiting this versatilewinger after failing to get the Vardy on last June.

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