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Conte Fared like This 7 Chelsea Manager?

Antonio Conte officially introduced by Chelsea as their new Manager on Thursday(14/6/2016). Conte would be the origin of Italy fifth Manager that handles The Blues. Chelsea's owner, Roman Abramovich, known to love to fire the Manager. During the 13 years of ownership, Abramovich has eight times to fire the Manager of the Club.

Jose Mourinho became Manager of the most-sacked by Roman Abramovic, i.e. two times. The Special One first merasaakan Abramovic dismissal on September 20, 2007. He then returned to Chelsea on June 3, 2013. However, she was fired on December 17, 2015 after losing nine times out of 16 matches the start of Premier League season 2015-2016.

During the kepemipinannya regime, Abramovich is known as a relentless leader. Whoever his coach to be fired if it failed to deliver the trophy or against his decision. Now, Cone is faced with the same problem with the managers of The Blues before.

"I am not afraid of the threat of dismissal. The most important thing is to work hard,give identity against the Club and work with the squad to apply the philosophy of football which I apply. It is very important for me to show a good performance, especially when you're on a great team with outstanding players, "explained Conte.

Conte Fared like This 7 Chelsea Manager?

Abramovich bought a majority stake of Chelsea from Ken Bates in June 2003. The arrival of this Russia Tycoon became the beginning of a new history of the Club, which later became the Premier League champion's subscriptions. But there is one negative habits shown by Abramovich during Chelsea's lead, that the habit of firing managers. His impatient to see positive results, making the Manager-the Manager of Chelsea before lifting a foot before the contract ends.

The following 7 Manager who was sacked by Abramovich:

1. Claudio Ranieri
Claudio Ranieri was appointed manager of Chelsea in September 2000 when Ken Bates remains the owner of the Club. Under full achievements of Ranieri, The Blues began to rise and merangsek to the top.

When ownership changed in 2003, Chelsea, Ranieri is still believed as Manager of The Blues. But the failure in the Champions League by 2014, making The Tinkerman lost his job at the end of the 2003-2004 season.

Ranieri was the Manager of Chelsea who formed the Foundation of the main team.He led John Terry Chelsea to buy and recommend Didier Drogba and Arjen Robben.

2. Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho is the greatest Manager ever deal with Chelsea. Under Mourinho, Chelsea grabbed eight trophies, including three Premier League titles. The Manager ofthe origin of this Portugal, coached the Club for two periods, i.e. 2004-2007 and 2013-2015.

In his first period, Chelsea and Mourinho agree to end cooperation in September 2007. The relationship soured between Mou and Abramovich was aggravated with theClub declining performance.

Mourinho returns to Stamford Bridge in June 2013 after a deal with Real Madrid. The 2014-2015 season, he brought back a Chelsea win the Premier League. But in 2015-2016, the achievements of The Blues dropped dramatically. After ingesting a whopping nine out of 16 matches, Chelsea ended with Mourinho for a second time.

Conte Fared like This 7 Chelsea Manager?

3. Avram Grant
Avram Grant when Mourinho is the replacement of original Manager Portugal wentin September 2007. The grant is a close friend of Abramovich had previously served as a Director of football.

Grant brought The Blues reached the Champions League final in 2008, a feat that has never been done by Mourinho during the Chelsea Manager. In the final game, The Blues are subject of Manchester United through to the round of penalty kicks.

After the failure of Chelsea in the final of the Champions League, the club announced that Grant no longer served as Manager of the Club. Although it was offered his old position as Director of football, Grant refused the offer and leave Stamford Bridge.

Luiz Felipe Scolari's 4.
Luiz Felipe Scolari was appointed as the new manager of Chelsea as successor to Avram Grant. He claims to reject Manchester City's offer and prefer to join The Blues.

The Manager of the origin of Brazil is becoming the first Premier League Manager to ever reach for the World Cup. Blatantly, Scolari admitted that the main reason hebecame financially accepted the offer of The Blues.

The beginning of his journey along with Chelsea, Scolari notes the positive results. But The Blues were strongly inconsistent performance shows. Only seven months since penunjukkannya, Scolari was fired by club management on the grounds the teamperformance continues to deteriorate.

5. Carlo Ancelotti

Carlo Ancelotti Chelsea Manager to be appointed in June 2009. He continues to work Guus Hiddink back to handle the national team Russia. Ancelotti signed a contractwith a duration of three years.

In its inaugural season, Manager of origin Italy is delivering The Blues grabbed the double winners ' after securing the Premier League and FA Cup. However, Abramovich kept demanding Ancelotti to bring Chelsea won the Champions League.

Conte Fared like This 7 Chelsea Manager?

In season two, Chelsea again knocked out in the Champions League, after losing toManchester United in the quarter-finals. Abramovich dismissed any Report at the end of the season 2010-2011.

6. Andre Villas-Boas
Chelsea appoint Andre Villas-Boas dubbed ' The Next Barcelona ' in June 2011. Onpramusim, Chelsea showed a good performance under the control of Villas-Boas.

But a good performance does not continue when the Premier League starts. Chelsea showed an inconsistent appearance and create opportunities to win the Premier League continue to be eroded.

His clashes with some of the senior players such as Frank Lampard, John Terry, Michael Essien and Ashley Cole made it was fired by the Club's management in March 2012.

7. Roberto Di Matteo
Roberto Di Matteo was appointed to become the interim manager after sacking Villas Boas. Under control At Matteo, Chelsea squad mentally back uphill. He successfully brought The Blues secured the tickets after the Champions League final defeat to Barcelona in the Champions League semifinals.

In Matteo any print history after successfully bringing The Blues grabbed a Champions League trophy for the first time in may 2012. His success made the Chelsea management signed her as the permanent Manager of the Club.

However, Matteo had to face dismissal in November 2012 after Chelsea failed to advance from the group phase of the Champions League and catapulted into the Europa League.

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