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Ibrahimovic's Controversial Action with Club

Zlatan Ibrahimovic will be undergoing a career along with Manchester United in the summer of 2016-2017. Ibrahimovic predicted will become the mainstay of the RedDevils at the front-line.

Despite their ability to cultivate outstanding ball, the original attacker Sweden neverescape from a controversial action. Become an attractive and charismatic figure in each club that is reinforced, Inter also often acted selfishly to trigger discomfort in the locker room.

The action had begun, even when his controversy still strengthen Malmo to Paris Saint-Germain. The strongholds of The Red Devils could just be the next target. Moreover, he will be dealt with controversial coach figure, Jose Mourinho.

During his career, the player nicknamed "Ibracadabra has defended eight different clubs. He has a feel for the atmosphere of football in Sweden, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France, and will soon try out the competition in the United Kingdom.

Ibrahimovic's Controversial Action with Club

Although often sparked controversy, Zlatan Ibrahimovic always leaves the impression that special at every club he has ever played. He is always able to offer titles in every club that ever dibelanya.

The following list of controversies Ibrahimovic alongside clubs reinforced:

1. Malmo FF
Ibrahimovic's early career began at the Academy club Malmo. At a time when the Club was still in Sweden, there is one parent who made the petition so that Ibrahimovic was dismissed from the Club due to a fight with his son.

Ibrahimovic who did not receive the parent so that Gore made him enter the hospital. He considers the parents being too excessive.

But Zlatan Ibrahimovic admitted to visit the old people to the hospital and apologized for his conduct.

2. AFC Ajax
Ibrahimovic got a trial invitation from Arsene wenger when he was still 17 years old.But the Brazilian declined because it felt deserving of entry of the Club without having to undergo a trial. In 2001, he accepted an offer to join Ajax.

Ibrahimovic's Controversial Action with Club

In 2004, Ajax suddenly sell Ibrahimovic to Juventus. This was triggered because the Brazilian threatened to break the legs of Rafael van der Vaart, who was then serving as captain of the Club.

Earlier, Ibrahimovic allegedly tried to injure Van der Vaart in the international gamebetween Sweden Netherlands cons.

3. Juventus
The Brazilian journey in Italy beginning with the defending Juventus. Several groups of supporters of the protest for his release is often inconsistent.

While Juventus got a sentence of relegation to Serie B due to One case, the Brazilian Club party demanding to sell it. However, Arsenal refused to sell it.

The agent, Mino Raiola, threatened to imprisoned for obstructing his client's Arsenal who want to leave.

4. Inter Milan
Juventus finally willing to take off Ibrahimovic. But later that year returned 34 players make controversy because choosing to join Inter Milan that in fact was the main rival of Juventus in Italy.

In 2009, the Brazilian back create hazards when asking for the club management in order to take it off to Barcelona. He had a chance to talk to coach Inter then, Jose Mourinho, has four eyes and persuaded to sell it to El Barca. Ibrahimovic reasoned Inter had no chance to become a champion of the Champions League.

5. Barcelona
Ibrahimovic's desire to defend Barcelona eventually filled by Inter on Ibrahimovic ever join Barcelona and met with Pep Guardiola.

This decision turned out to be proven wrong. Because, Inter managed to become champion of Champions League 2009-2010 season, and he thus has a rivalry with Barcelona. Only one and a half season in uniform of the Catalan Squad, he returned to Italy and joined Milan on August 28, 2010.

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Ibrahimovic's Controversial Action with Club

6. AC Milan
For the past two season defending Milan, Ibrahimovic has not yet free from controversy. In 2010, the Brazilian was involved with Oguchi Onyewu fights in practice sessions. This makes the bone iganya fight injuries.

In March 2011, the Brazilian was judged three ever after hitting a belly cast Bari, Marco Rossi. He got the same sentence in February 2012 after slapping the player of Naples, Salvatore Aronica.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic was also caught on camera kicking Chief Antonio Cassano when interviewed in the feast of the Serie A title earned Milan. Lucky, Cassano was not hooked and considers the action of the Brazilian simply as humour.

7. Paris Saint-Germain
Zlatan stubbornness continues when the defending Paris Saint-Germain in Ligue 1 France. In November 2012, Ibrahimovic put to two games because of a chest kick Saint-Etienne goalkeeper, Stephane Ruffier.

In January 2015, Ibrahimovic put to four matches after controversial referee issued a statement to the country and France. He said if France does not deserve to have the Club of PSG.

In his final days together with Les Parisiens, Zlatan Ibrahimovic considers himself as King and the legend of the PSG. In fact, the Brazilian call if Paris Saint-Germain will be hard to grab the trophy champion without his presence.

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