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Brilliant performance, Mourinho is obligated to Keep Blind and Mata

The presence of Jose Mourinho as Manager of Manchester United made two new players feel ketar-ketir. They are Juan Mata and Daley Blind.

The bad relationship between Juan Mata and Mourinho is already underway since the Spain national team players still playing at Chelsea. Although the eyes of twice being the best player in Chelsea's season in 2011-12 and 2012 – 13, the eyes cannot fit in the scheme of the game Mourinho.

"We had a bad relationship and never speak to each other," call the eye to Spain El Pais newspaper about the effect against Mourinho.

"Of course I'm not happy, but I always give my best to colleagues and my team.You'll never know what will happen in life, "he added.

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Brilliant performance, Mourinho is obligated to Keep Blind and Mata

Mourinho admits the bad relationship with Juan Mata. According to him, during the season 2012-2013, Mourinho prefers the Oscars become a playmaker at that moment, than Juan Mata later often become a substitute. The reason, the Mou does not like the style of play that never want to come down the help defense.

"At the time, Oscar is my favorite quarterback and if any declared Oscar is not the best player on the season, I didn't agree to that person. The eyes have to prove if he can play better than an Oscar. "explained Mourinho to United Kingdom newspaperthe Independent.

Daley Blind also seem to be threatened from his position as a team player who is nicknamed "the Red Devils, although he has never entirely trained by Mourinho.

The role of the Daley Blind in many positions for playing for Manchester United, asa central defender, left back and defensive midfielder seemed less favored by Mourinho who prefer players who are specialists or simply play in one position only.

Plus more, Daley Blind are often exposed to injury while playing for the Red Devils

"I was a player who liked the specialist dibandinkan dibanyak players who play the position," explained Mourinho to Skysports

"If you lose 3 central defender due to injury or forbidden to compete, you have to use a player who plays in the left back or midfielder who could fill the void." he added.

However, the data prove that the two players has a great contribution to the team, based in Old Trafford. Following this, Bola.com will give the reasons why Jose Mourinho should keep an eye and Blind.

1. Juan Mata
Bad relationship Mourinho and Juan Mata can be seen in Spy appearance data in 2012/2013 and 2013/2014. Although in the summer of 2012/2013, he managed to do12 assists and 12 goals, as well as from 1658 bait which he gave, 1431 bait could be accepted or bait with accuracy reaching 86 percent make it into a reliableplaymaker, even make it was awarded the Player of the Year by Chelsea in the season.

Brilliant performance, Mourinho is obligated to Keep Blind and Mata

However in the 2013/2014 season, he never played and just be a backup, becauseMourinho who prefer Oscar to be Chelsea playmaker than Juan Mata.

When it was bought by Manchester United at the 2014/2015 season, Juan Mata just shows his best performance an attacking midfielder Manchester United playmaker at once, even though it's been a season full of Eyes is not played by the Club nicknamed The Blues.

Juan's eyes began to show his best performance for United when the Red Devils coached by Van Gaal reacted. Attacking midfielder, he plays for 33 matches and scored8 goals and 4 assists. That means touchdown's eyes is equal to 13 percent of the 62goals scored for United, and he scored a lot more than other players who played the same as Angel di Maria to three touchdowns and Ander Herrera with 6 goals.

Eye increasingly shows kontribusnya on the next season. In that season, of 49 goals scored for United, 5 of which were generated by assist and 6 touchdowns scored bythe eye.

With 10 assists are awarded to United, the second player's eyes with the most assists in the Premier League since he moved to Chelsea in 2011 with 38 assists. This amount can only be matched only by David Silva, who gave 43 assists in the period 2011-2016.

Brilliant performance, Mourinho is obligated to Keep Blind and Mata

With this data, Juan Mata was able to prove himself to become a better player since leaving Chelsea

2. Daley Blind
Players who more often plays as a central defender, this turned out to be one of the players who helped United's attack. Blind proved to be the player who is able to pass opponents.

Quoted from Squawka 2015/2016, this Blind are able to pass through the opposing players when the dribble or take on as much as 21 times from 26 times take on top of opposing players in the Premier League this season. The blind is also remembered as the player who captured the ball from an opponent with tekel, 67 out of 138 tekel he gives effort succeeded with success.

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