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5 Hot Note Admits Manchester United Vs Liverpool

Manchester United entertain Liverpool at the weekend Premier League 2016-2017,at Old Trafford, Sunday (15/1/2017). The bout will be the Buffalo prestige at the same time have the purpose of each.

For Manchester United, scoring three figures from the Liverpool will open up towards the zone of the big four. While Liverpool wants the victory to keep pressing.

Manchester United is currently ranked six standings while with a collection of 39 points. At odds of Manchester United 5 digits from Liverpool.

If a win, Manchester United had a chance of getting into the Champions League zone rating. Manchester United Left Arsenal and two numbers from the three numberseach of Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur.

The following interesting note admits Manchester United Liverpool counter.

5 Hot Note Admits Manchester United Vs Liverpool

1. The biggest Match of the season
The Manchester United versus Liverpool into a meeting of two teams who have high teammate. The scent is wafted in the last 49 meetings in the Premier League.

The match would increasingly exciting if you see a second capital team. Liverpool came runner-up status with Torres, plus nine consecutive victories in all competitions.Six of the nine of those victories occurred in the Premier League.

The result, Liverpool are already giving warning signals danger to the fleet of JoseMourinho. Amazingly, the Manchester United entertain Liverpool in the best condition. The record of 15 unbeaten into the death weapon Wayne Rooney et al at the Theatre of Dreams.

2. The winners of the Champion Trophy Achieved?
These questions are in the chest the whole fans, either Manchester United or Liverpool stronghold. Manchester United is currently in the best performance. Manchester United have to harness the momentum if do not want to lose control again, as at the beginning of the season.

Sign in to become a champion, Chelsea is indeed being at the top position. However, everything still can happen on the 18th the next game. Moreover, teams such as Liverpool also became a threat.

This means that Manchester United still have a long journey in order to overtake Chelsea. That condition occurs if Manchester United Liverpool conquer. Direction signmay occur, because Liverpool are not comfortable.

Hodgson losing cons Bournemouth, series versus Sunderland, barely lost to Plymouth Argyle, plus the defeat of Southampton in the League Cup Semi-final 1st Leg ofUnited Kingdom.

5 Hot Note Admits Manchester United Vs Liverpool

3. to Sign Rooney Print History
Wayne Rooney has a great opportunity to become top scorer for Manchester United. However, he ripped FishNet Liverpool, at least once.

The current Champions are in top position alongside Sir Bobby Charlton with a collection of 249 goals. Capital towards there belongs to big, because Rooney was shown a first appearance. The goal of Reading became the last victim, and it gave a threat to Liverpool.

4. The dilemma of Select Players
Zlatan Ibrahimovic's absence in the League Cup Semi-final 1st Leg of United Kingdom, the middle of last week. When bend Hull City, Ibrahimovic hurt.

Meets Liverpool, Manchester United, Manager Jose Mourinho hope Zlatan Ibrahimovic is already in shape. Understandably, he'd lost two central defender, namely Eric Bailly and Marcos Rojo.

Luckily for Manchester United, because Liverpool is also experiencing the same situation. Liverpool lost striker Sadio Mane. Liveprool, Manager Jurgen Klopp hope Coutinho really fit.

5 Hot Note Admits Manchester United Vs Liverpool

5. change Strategies
Manchester United and Liverpool have already met in October last year. By that time the two teams played a goalless draw, at Anfield Stadium.

The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho calls should be The Red Devils victory of being able to master the battle. "So the criterion is the atmosphere of the stadium, Liverpool fans is incredible," said Mourinho.

Now, while playing at Old Trafford, Manchester United fans hope Mourinho can ' avenge '.

On the other hand, over time, the strength of Liverpool's been different, so are Manchester United. Now, both teams had their respective weapons, which certainly would be useful in Old Trafford.

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