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Ibrahimovic's Best Premier League Player So The December Issue

Chelsea players, Willian, assess the steps his team win the Premier League this season will be more severe. Because, every team would try hard to beat The Blues.

"You never know what happens in the Premier League in the future, in a month or even two games only. Everything can be changed and that is the reason why we have to remain at a level that we got today, "said Willian.

"Every team will try to beat us harder. We are in that moment and we must prepareourselves to finish it, "said Brazil national team midfielder it.

Although he briefly fell at the start of this season, Chelsea were able to rise up andgrab the 13 winning streak in Premier League. However, the impressive entry had to be halted when John Terry and colleagues submitted themselves 0-2 Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane Stadium (4/1/2017).

However, Chelsea still be seeded to reach the Premier League trophy to 2016-2017.London Blue squad this time are still at the top of the standings temporarily with a value of 49, winning five points over Liverpool in second place.

Ibrahimovic's Best Premier League Player So The December Issue

Chelsea have a big sign in the distance standings, widen if able to win cons Leicester City on the 21st weekend matches Premier League at the King Power Stadiun, Saturday (14/1/2017).

Manchester United bomber, Zlatan Ibrahimovicwas selected as the best player of the Premier League season this December issue of 2016. Throughout December, Ibrahimovic appeared to seamlessly create and contribute greatly.

"I played on a great team with a great colleague, as well as with managers who are great and are a great club like Manchester United," said Ibrahimovic.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic would go home from Paris Saint Germain at the beginning of this season. Sweden midfielder briefly appear chic in four Premier League matches early 2016-2017 scoring four goals. However, the player had the fast goals from October to early November.

Various circles went on to criticize the appearance of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and found this already "depleted". However, Barcelona were able to penggawa ex shook off all the doubt and keep elections caused goals for Manchester United.

Ibrahimovic's Best Premier League Player So The December Issue

During the period from December 2016, Ibrahimović completed a five goals and three assists in six games from the Premier League. Thanks to the gemilangnya game,Manchester United is currently in the sixth provisional standings with 39 points.

Manchester United linked to three figures from Manchester City who are in fourth place, or the deadline for next season's Champions League zone. Jose Mourinho's team squads could trim distance in the standings, if able to triumph over Liverpool atOld Trafford Stadium, Sunday (15/1/2017).

United Kingdom national team legend, Jamie Carragher, assess if Manchester United more seeded instead of Liverpool, when the two teams met on the weekend action Premier League at Old Trafford Stadium, Sunday (15/1/2017).

"I think Manchester United are favorites. Liverpool are not in the best performance in two or three weeks. But not with Manchester United, they were able to talk a lot inthat period and the game will be made up in their cages, "said Carragher.

"I think anyone who plays in an enclosure, the team it will become a favorite. The current momentum (victory) with Manchester United. However, Liverpool had to come back and answer all doubts through a captivating performance, "said the former Defender The Reds from 1996 until 2013.

Manchester United are in a resounding performance, after a nine-game winning streak in the entire pageant competition. That fact is inversely proportional to that experienced by Liverpool.

Jurgen Klopp's team squads of it recorded three draw, two defeats, and four victories from nine matches in all of the event. The negative result was included when the subject of 0-1 in the first leg from Southampton League Cup semis United Kingdom(11/1/2017).

Glass of it, varying among the masters of Manchester United picking three points in the duel against Liverpool. Moreover, Wayne Rooney and colleagues have a good record when it meets The Reds.

Manchester United recorded able to grab three wins against the one belonging to Liverpool in the last six games in all competitions. Meanwhile, the remaining two matches ended goalless.

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