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Record meetings between Manager Arsene Wenger Vs. Chelsea

Arsenal's Manager, Arsene Wenger, has met with 11 coach of Chelsea. Wenger hasa record that is not too bad when facing The Blues Manager 11.

Arsenal will entertain Chelsea at the Emirates Stadium in the sixth weekend of Premier League action, Saturday (24/9/2016). The victory is a must for both clubs were the origin of the city of London.

Because, The Gunners and The Blues are only linked to goal difference in the standings while the Premier League. Arsenal is in fourth position with a value of 10, whereas Chelsea inhabit the sequence five also with the same points.

For Arsene Wenger, entitled duel London Derby this feels special. On September 22,2016, men origin France celebrates 20 years of his career with London's Gun squads.

Over the past two decades sat on a Chair, The Gunners Manager Arsene Wenger had faced 11 coach of Chelsea, and Antonio Conte will be the 12th. In addition, this is the Prime meeting Wenger cons Conte.

So far, the coach of the year has had 66 54 match against Chelsea with 11 differentmanagers. Of 54 duels, Wenger brought Arsenal reaching 20 WINS, 14 draws, results and ingest 20 defeat. Arsenal also scored 68 goals and conceded 80 times.

Record meetings between Manager Arsene Wenger Vs. Chelsea

Then how did the meeting with Arsene Wenger's record 11 Chelsea Manager? Following his review:

Arsene Wenger vs. Ruud Gullit (1996-1998)

After being appointed architect later Arsenal on September 22, 1996, the first Chelsea Manager faced Wenger is Ruud Gullit. The record of the meeting Wenger cons Gullit pun is impressive, i.e. grabbing four winning streak, scored 10 goals and conceded only three goals.

Arsene Wenger vs. Gianluca Vialli (1998 to 2000)

After Gullit, Gianluca Vialli became the next opponents France origin man. Wengerpun several times of difficulty bringing Arsenal victory over Chelsea hosts Vialli. Of the seven matches, The Gunners are only capable of picking three wins, two draws, results and swallowed two defeat. Arsenal also scored nine goals and conceded 13 goals.

Arsene Wenger vs. Claudio Ranieri (2000 to 2004)

When Chelsea taken care of Trabzonspor, Wenger brought back Arsenaldominance. Of the 14 stages of the London Gun squad successfully plucked eight wins, five draws, results and only once lost squads London blue. Goals of the resulting pun is fair, i.e. 26 touchdowns or 1.8 goals per game, while the number of conceded was 16 times or 0.6 goals per match.

Record meetings between Manager Arsene Wenger Vs. Chelsea

Arsene Wenger vs. Jose Mourinho (2004 to 2007 and 2013 to 2015)

Opposed to any weight management when Wenger faced Chelsea appoint Jose Mourinho as Manager. From two periods coaching Mourinho at Chelsea, Wenger winning percentage along with Arsenal only 6.7 per cent.

The Gunners six victories, pluck one draw and eight defeats from ingesting 15 action counter Chelsea. The second series of coaches not only occurs in the field, but also outside the field. Mourinho calling Wenger as "the coaches specialists failed", otherwise The Professor assess The Special One as "the coaches are afraid to fail." The latest, Mourinho Jose Mourinho declares in his book: Up Close and Personal, like tohit the face of Arsene Wenger.

Arsene Wenger vs. Avram Grant (2007 to 2008)

After the defeat to lift away from Chelsea, Wenger meets Avram Grant. Although only a season deal with The Blues, Grant was able to troublesome Arsenal. Of the two meetings, Arsenal grab the one victory and one defeat from Chelsea to swallow. Both clubs also are equally collected two goals.

Arsene Wenger vs. Luiz Felipe Scolari (season 2008-2009)

Duel Wenger counter Scolari not too long, i.e. only one game in the 2008-2009 season. From one meeting, Wenger brought Arsenal victory over Chelsea scored two goals and conceded one goal.

Arsene Wenger vs. Guus Hiddink (2009; 2015 to 2016)

Hiddink is one of the managers of Chelsea difficult subdued Wenger. Even Arsenal'swinning percentage over Chelsea when Hiddink was brought up during the two periods is zero. Of the three matches, Hiddink was able to bring The Blues swept clean victory by scoring seven goals and conceded only two goals.

Carlo Ancelotti vs Arsene Wenger (2009 to 2011)

Wenger and Ancelotti meet four times in total and it's all happening in the Premier League. Record of meeting any favors to Pick, that is three wins and only once lost to Wenger. Ancelotti also managed to bring Chelsea scored eight goals and conceded three goals.

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Andre Villas-Boas (2011-2012)

Same as Scolari, duel meeting Wenger versus Villas-Boas was also the shortest justone match. The action happens in the Premier League on 29 October 2011. In a match which occasions at Stamford Bridge, The Gunners managed to pluck the victoryby a score of 5-3.

Record meetings between Manager Arsene Wenger Vs. Chelsea

Arsene Wenger vs. Roberto Di Matteo (2012)

Di Matteo is one manager who is not too long to handle. Although only eight months of nurturing The Blues origins of the Italy, men often troublesome Wenger along with Arsenal. Under the orphanage in Matteo, Chelsea successfully grab the one victory, one draw, and has never lost to Arsenal.

Arsene Wenger vs. Rafael Benitez (2012-2013)

Wenger is also not able to grab the victory when Chelsea coached by Benitez. Status as interim manager, Benitez managed to bring Chelsea's victory over Arsenal in one match. The duel takes place at Stamford Bridge in the Premier League, advanced action January 20, 2013, Chelsea won 2-1 over Arsenal.

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