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Suppose Liverpool Heavier, Pogba Underestimate Manchester Derby

Defender Dejan Lovren, Liverpool has one secret that would be a deadly weapon kala meets Manchester United, on follow-up action Premier League 2016-2017, at theOld Trafford Stadium, Sunday 915/1/2017).

According to the former Southampton Defender, Liverpool must repeat again mental strength as they have show last season. Lovren statement refers to the success of the Liverpool and Manchester United get rid of the Europa League.

That time Liverpool success reaped a 3-1 aggregate victory. Special appearances occurred when Liverpool play in Old Trafford Stadium. By that time The Reds were able to withstand a fierce Manchester United, and brought home a 1-draw.

"The key to our success is the mentality of the team. I think that's what we should do, because it's a secret that makes the whole team can perform at maximum potential, "stated Lovren, Liverpool Echo, Thursday (12/1/2017) local time.

According to Lovren, Liverpool and Manchester United rivalry does not only occur in the field. Other effects thus bigger, i.e. the points in the standings while United Kingdom League.

Suppose Liverpool Heavier, Pogba Underestimate Manchester Derby

At this time both teams only five distinguished figures, with Liverpool in a position better than Manchester United. The reason it anyway that makes players mentally Liverpool ordered mandatory, because it will get pressure.

"Anyone will feel tremendous pressure if the team met a classmate of Manchester United. This means that we must bring mental like last season. I believe friends could do it, "said Lovren.

The Croatia-born Defender thinks the Liverpool Manager, Jurgen Klopp will be the key. "Since last season we learn from managers, primarily ideas. His philosophy was soliditas team, and we will prove it when the visit to Old Trafford, "stated Lovren.

Midfielder Adam Lallana agreed with Lovren. The figure would make the Manchester United Klopp kelimpungan and become a symbol of revival of Liverpool.

The Manchester United midfielder, Paul Pogba mentions game cons outweigh Liverpool Manchester Derby.

Like released FourFourTwo, Friday (13/1/2017), Pogba admitted adrenaline in his body prefer heat of the moment meets Liverpoo. For ex Juventus, Liverpool were on the counter party is bigger and more prestigious than versus Manchester City.

Suppose Liverpool Heavier, Pogba Underestimate Manchester Derby

Manchester United entertain Liverpool at the weekend Premier League 2016-2017,at Old Trafford, Sunday (15/1/2017). The game is very crucial for both teams.

Manchester United needed a full three points in order to merangsek to the position of the big four. At the very least, the victory will make Manchester United turn down the difference in numbers with Liverpool.

Manchester United currently collect 39 points, while Liverpool are on second position standings while armed with a collection of 44 points. Manchester United are in the 6th position, two different numbers fewer than Arsenal, and three figures from the collection of Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City.

"The history of the second meeting is very good, and it's been proving the fight later very tight and full of prestige. For me this is a very large, derbi outweigh the consof Manchester City. The atmosphere will definitely special, "stated Pogba.

Manchester United have a big capital while entertaining Liverpool. They have not been unbeaten in 15 matches in all competitions, and eleven of which are located in the area of the Premier League.

For Pogba, Liverpool have other meanings, and it had set when her costumed Manchester United. "You want the three numbers from any team, but very special if it can be obtained from Liverpool," stated Pogba.

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