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Bizarre Events Occurred When Jose Mourinho Did Press Conference

Because of Jose Mourinho, the figure of Abi Paterson became famous in the last few hours. He became the spotlight after the Manchester United Manager, Jose Mourinho talking to someone on the channel WhatsApp.

If it took place outside ' working hours ' Mourinho, could have been no problem. Alas, Abi ' call ' Mourinho when former coach of Real Madrid and Inter Milan were doing a press conference.

Then, Mourinho was busy receiving inquiries admits Manchester United Liverpool counter action, Sunday (15/1/2017). Of a sudden, while Mourinho lifted and spoke briefly, profile Abi Paterson immediately caught on camera.

Lucky unidentified angry Mourinho, and dilute the atmosphere. The caller, named Abi Paterson, was a journalist on the website of talkSPORT. Mourinho knows, the Abiactually want to contact the peer sekantor, named Dominic McGuinnes.

Bizarre Events Occurred When Jose Mourinho Did Press Conference

Of a sudden the phone to give Mourinho McGuinnes. Once completed, Mourinho continued his session press conference.

After such a unique event, Abi Paterson upload comment apology, especially on peer sekantornya, Dominic McGuinnes. "I'm sorry. I don't know if it was talking with Mourinho, to Dom informed me. At least I have nice photos to display my WhatsApp, "says Abi.

Not only on the social media channels, the Abi also changed his display photo on Twitter linimasa which documents. As released, Abi LinkedIn works on talkSPORT and BBC. ABI claimed to experience menelepoon Mourinho will be the memorable moments throughout the career of jurnslistiknya.

An unexpected event occurs in the middle of a press conference the Manchester United's Manager, Jose Mourinho, Friday (13/1/2017). Interview sessions stalled afterMourinho raised the mobile phone (cell phone) from a reporter's talkSPORT.

As released some media in the United Kingdom, Mourinho was forced to stop the interview session after one journalist's cell phone in between row in front of the former coach of Inter Milan and Real Madrid, the ring. Look there is a display of a woman's face that looks at free phone facility a platofrm social media.

Bizarre Events Occurred When Jose Mourinho Did Press Conference

Mourinho faces belongs to. He made phone calls from a mysterious figure. Uniquely, the caller does not know if the call was Against.

The caller, who was later identified as Abu Peterseon, a jurnais talkSPORT, calling Mourinho with the greeting, "Hi Dom, this Abi (Peterson) from talkSPORT,". It happened after Mourinho pause to listen to some of the opening sentence of the Abi Paterson.

Mourinho is a sudden shock. The expression of her face instantly turned into a facialwas funny. He commented. "It's from talkSPORT," said Mourinho, while smiling.

Lived had lived, it turns out that the name of the Dom is the caller Mourinho is Dominic McGuinnes, a reporter for talkSPORT. McGuinnes rushed towards Mourinho, pick up the phone, and then talk to Abi.

"You are not supposed to be like this now, may not be ready to call in the situationas it is now. Sorry, have to be kill thy root, "stated McGuinnes.

After receiving her cell phone back, ready to resume the session at a press conference ahead of Liverpool counter action. Manchester United will entertain Liverpool atOld Trafford Stadium, Sunday (15/1/2017).

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger, open sound associated future Mesut Ozil on his team. Wenger claimed to want to immediately complete the discussion of the Germany national team midfielder's contract.

"Ozil certainly would like to know what happened to the managerial ranks. However, I do not think that is the main thing for him in taking decisions. I think it is indeedinfluential, but it isn't the only thing (into consideration), "said Wenger.

Bizarre Events Occurred When Jose Mourinho Did Press Conference

"There are a lot of herbs in any negotiation process. I hope we will find the conclusion with Ozil as soon as possible. I emphasize, Ozil is very relaxing to respond to this situation. We're always talking. I talked a lot with Ozil agent about his contract, "saidthe Manager of France origin it.

Mesut Ozil situation at Arsenal had erratic. The former Real Madrid player up to this point has not extended his contract along with Arsenal will end on June 30, 2018.

According to the media in the United Kingdom, Ozil requesting salary of 290,000 pounds sterling ($ 4.69 billion) per week in his new contract. However, the management of The Gunners reportedly not willing to comply with the request of the player.

As a result, speculation began to emerge about the future of Mesut Ozil. Some bigEuropean clubs such as Bayern Munich to Barcelona, called ready to exploit this situation. However, the 28-year man it indicates the wish to survive alongside Arsenal.

"The club know if I be here because Arsene Wenger who bought me. He believed inme and I enjoy it. Arsenal also know if I want to get clarity about what the managersat this time, "said Ozil.

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