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Mourinho Not afraid to Suggest Rooney

PEP Guardiola revealed that lend the goalkeeper Joe Hart to the Torino was the hardest decision he ever took as Manager of Manchester City.

PEP Guardiola made a big surprise at the beginning of his leadership in the City. Spain-born men were backing up Joe Hart and make Willy Caballero as main City goalkeeper in the Premier League opening match 2016-2017 against Sunderland(13/8/2016).

Afterwards, Joe Hart continues to be on the bench and the new play while Manchester Blue faced off against Steaua Bucharest in the Champions League play-off.

PEP reasoned that he needed a goalkeeper who has good ability in building assaults. He's assess Caballero has better abilities in that regard compared to Hart.

Mourinho Not afraid to Suggest Rooney

PEP then bring in goalkeeper Claudio Bravo from Barcelona and confirm that Hart was the third goalkeeper of the City under the Bravo and Caballero. Hart finally ask was loaned out to Serie A, Torino. Pick any approved the decision of the Hart of it.

"I cannot take the decision to show my power. I do not like taking the difficult decision really is, "said Guardiola.

"The hardest Decision I ever take it this far is to lend Joe Hart. I know Hart was verymean to the Club. The attitude and the way he talked to me for this. It was a very difficult decision, "he added.

Pick some time ago involved cold war with midfielder Yaya Toure, Dimitri the ins. The war was triggered by the decision of the Champions who do not enter the name Toure into the City squad in the UEFA Champions League 2016-2017.

The ins call Pick do the erroneous decision. The ins statement makes Pick snarled and threatened not to play Toure before he apologized.

"The agents, wives, fatherschildren and many say something does not give an advantage to the Club. They are not a part of the team. The most important thing is the Club, "said Guardiola.

Mourinho Not afraid to Suggest Rooney

Manchester City into the headquarters, the Liberty Stadium Swansea City, on the sixth week Premier League 2016-2017, Saturday (24/9/2016).

Status as the captain could not thus make Wayne Rooney get privileges in the mainsquad for Manchester United. So Word that Manager Jose Mourinho.

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Under the hosts Barcelona, Rooney's new position as an attacking midfielder. However, the game Roo so far getting much criticism.

The most scathing criticism came from former colleagues of Roo in MU, Paul Scholes. Former Red Devils midfielder was assessing Roo does not have vision played as a midfielder.

Stats said so. When MU lost to Watford 1-3 at Vicarage Road, Sunday (18/9/2016),Roo failed to create chances through the game open.

Not only that, Roo also could not let go of the bait breakthrough. He absolutely could not do tekel against opposing players. He was only three times did aerial duels and twice defeated in the duel. Thus a record of Whoscored.

"Rooney is the captain of the Club. He is the one who is trusted by the players and me. He represented the Club are fantastic as players, "said Mourinho.

Mourinho Not afraid to Suggest Rooney

"He is indeed our captain. However, she does not have privileges. He's just like any other player. If she had to sit on the bench, I will take that decision, "Mourino dial plan.

Bad game against Watford Rooney makes many parties asked Mourinho to suggestRooney, among them former Liverpool penggawa, Stan Collymore.

He's assess Juan Mata played better than with Roo in fill position number 10 or attacking midfielder.

"If Wayne Rooney had to be home, I'll take that decision. However, that does not mean I no longer believe it. We do not have a problem, "said Mourinho.

Manchester United will entertain Leicester City at Old Trafford Stadium on the sixthweek Premier League 2016-2017, Saturday (24/9/2016).

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