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Petr Cech Began Frustrating Rarely note the Clean Sheet at Arsenal

The Arsenal goalkeeper, Petr Cech, were frustrated because his performance will begin to record the rare clean sheet in the Premier League action 2016-2017.

"It's been one of the season's different because I've been doing it with good. But will that happen if able to grab clean sheet or if we could have a number of action rarely conceded, "said Cech.

"However, the most important is the victory of the team. Although of course it would be better if grabbing a clean sheet and have a solid line of Defense, "said Czech Republic goalkeeper then.

What is complained of Petr Cech is certainly not without reason. Opta stats recorded for Cech failed to carve out a clean sheet in eight Premier League matches of the 2016-2017, from the 10th to the 17th century.

After that, Cech had conceded two games without applying, and yet the latest passeven conceded three goals while Arsenal being held 3-AFC Bournemouth (3/1/2017). Overall, this season Cech had already conceded 22 goals in the Premier League and a new record of six game clean sheet.

Petr Cech Began Frustrating Rarely note the Clean Sheet at Arsenal

However, Petr Cech is currently still the goalkeeper with the most clean sheet recordthroughout the history of the Premier League. 34-year-old goalie was carved the 184 matches without conceded, with details of 162 matches alongside Chelsea range2005-2015 and 22 matches while defending Arsenal in 2015.

Manchester United is rumored to ESPN on Wednesday (11/1/2017), interested in bringing in midfielder AS Monaco, Tiemoue Bakayoko. Later, Bakayoko will be the replacement for Morgan Schneiderlin who will soon leave.

Along with the completion of the Morgan Schneiderlin removals almost to Everton,Manchester United immediately moved quickly looking for a replacement. Because,the departure of midfielder France it can just wait for the time because it was undergoing medical tests at Everton.

Manchester United identify Tiemoue as a replacement for ideal Schneiderlin Bakayoko. In addition to the 22-year-old, Bakayoko impresses along AS Monaco this season.

Bakayoko became a mainstay in the midfield AS Monaco and has appeared in 27 matches. Thus, the Red Devils dared to set up a Fund of up to 21 million pounds ($ 339 billion) to Bakayoko.

The funds derived from the sale of Schneiderlin to Everton i.e. worth 22 million pounds ($ 355 billion). So, MU still has the advantage of a 1 million pound sterling. However, the Red Devil's desire to land the Bakayoko will not be easy.

Petr Cech Began Frustrating Rarely note the Clean Sheet at Arsenal

In addition to still bound to a contract until 30 June 2019, the role of Bakayoko is also still needed the pitch to Monaco-Champions League. Manchester United also is believed to be getting its rival from Chelsea who also vied for the France midfielder.

Fenerbahce denied the existence of the proposed Chelsea bid to recruit SimonKjaer. Fenerbahce management also ensure never intend removing the Kjaer to other clubs including Chelsea.

"A number of reports are fallible question Chelsea bid for our players the origin of Denmark, Simon Kjaer. Fenerbahce have not received any bids for Kjaer and claims reserved the transfer is incorrect, "the Club statement sounds.

"Kjaer happy and part of our team to success. We asked the supporters to ignore the news reports and manipulative that aims to disrupt our team. "

Media-media United Kingdom formerly preached the Chelsea has cast a bid worth 16 million pounds ($ 258 billion) to recruit Simon Kjaer. It performed The Blues Manager, Antonio Conte, for newly acquired line behind Chelsea.

Simon Kjaer is considered a figure of the right to be suksesor John Terry who entered in the last months of his contract along with Chelsea. In a new age touch 27 years,Kjaer has predicted a bright future.

Since joining Fenerbahce in 2015, Simon Kjaer already appeared in 68 appearances.Players berpostur 189 cm was still bound to his contract to 30 June 2019.

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