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Prediction of the MU Vs Leicester City: Buffalo Owner number 9 Contributions

Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Jamie Vardy will be the one between the main magnet kalaManchester United entertain Leicester City, on follow-up action Premier League 2016-2017, at the Old Trafford Stadium, Saturday (24/9/2016). Statistically the two werealready proved capable of performing consistently.

No wonder in action tonight EST, Ibrahimovic and Vardy will compete to prove themselves as an important figure in the team. Not only look good, they also contributed two players will look at the end of the match, is capable of giving three numbersfor his team or not.

Be the owner of a numbered 9, costumes from the Brazilian as well as Vardy became a target man for the Club. The two strikers capable of giving more role, not a mere artisan broken-down opponent.

The arrival of the Brazilian, making Manchester United appear different than last season. Former Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) the proven performing consistent, although the end result sometimes does not meet expectations. Statistics show, on the five Parties at the stage of the Premier League, he has managed 4 goals, and played 90 minutes.

Prediction of the MU Vs Leicester City: Buffalo Owner number 9 Contributions

The most impressive performance belongs to than other players in the squad were Jose Mourinho. It can be proved by the average shot is done on Ibrahimovic to the opponent, which is located at 5.4 per match. He is also actively involved in the flow of the ball team, with a record 30.8 bait per party.

Not only that, the accuracy of the lures Ibrahimovic reach 71.4 per cent, and higher than the row belongs to the other strikers belonging to Manchester United. The level of accuracy of the feedback Anthony Martial only 70 percent, followed by WayneRooney (71 percent).

Total, Ibrahimovic had already packed up 5 touchdowns, with an average of 4.7 shots per party. He also appeared dominant when having to duel one opponent with the opponent. On that condition, he was able to pack the number 2.8 per match.

No wonder if Ibrahimovic will bring mean for Leicester City defense lines. Althoughwithout Anthony Wayne class Martial, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Rooney or Marcus Rashford, believed could be the Sustainer of life partner Helena movement So.

Prediction of the MU Vs Leicester City: Buffalo Owner number 9 Contributions

Manchester United's defence line worthy of notice tommyimage the owner number9 belongs to back tim guest, Jamie Vardy. The new striker Pack 2 goals in this season's Premiership, but that does not mean losing power gedor.

At least Vardy is still able to take down an average of 2.2 shots on target per match. Not only that, he had the running speed sprint, with a record 10.9 seconds to 100 meters distance.

Such notes would bring a major problem for the Red Devils back line, especially if the row of quarterback The Foxes success sending the orbs of the region. Vardy also have better records in a one-on-one duel. Last season, he is 2.1 per party only records, while up until last weekend, the number there at level 2.3 WINS duel per party.

No wonder Vardy will membetot the attention of Chris Smalling, Daley Blind, Luke Shaw or Antonio Valencia. "We were never afraid with any clubs, including Manchester United. For one thing, we will be performing relax and bring home maximum results, "stated Claudio Ranieri, Manager of Leicester City, as the Club's official website,released Friday (23/9/2016).

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Prediction of the MU Vs Leicester City: Buffalo Owner number 9 Contributions

The architect of the Italy-born team admits his team is thus very passionate when playing in Old Trafford Stadium. "The atmosphere is fun, and each player will give youthe best. Old Trafford will not be detrimental to us, quite the contrary, "call Ranieri.

The guest team's ambitions are already a matter of Manchester United. The Red Devils Manager Jose Mourinho reveals, his team already anticipate anything that would be practiced Leicester City. MOU promised the situation would provide advantages for Wayne Rooney et al.

"They grabbed the title since Leicester City is a good team, and now it is still very good. One of the biggest advantages, they become a very easy team to be analyzed, because the process of attacking the Organization survived and have been very clear,"said Mou, in the Club's official website.

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