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Manchester United Marouane Wants Howard Last Longer

Manchester United, is rumored to the Daily Mail, Thursday (12/1/2017), became the most popular clubs in the world. This assessment refers to the calculation of the number of visitors in against traffic official website of football club on a range of January until June 2016 UEFA were held.

Official website of Manchester United was ranked 8.6 million total main visitors over the past month. Meanwhile, Arsenal occupy the second position with a total of 8.5 million visitors, followed by one of the other Premier League clubs, Liverpool (7.7 million).

The fourth and fifth ranked occupied two giant clubs of La Liga, Real Madrid and Barcelona. While Real Madrid's official website has a number of visitors as much as 7.7 million, Barcelona recorded less than 500,000 to competing, amounted to 7.2 million.

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Manchester United Marouane Wants Howard Last Longer

Interestingly, the sixth rank occupied by Fenerbahce. Origin of the Turkey Club records the number of visitors as much as 3.3 million, winning over Chelsea in seventh (3.2 million), and Dynamo Kiev which occupies the eighth position (3.1 million).

As for the two giants of the Bundesliga is ranked ninth and 10th. Bayern Munich had a population of 2.9 million visitors, while Borussia Dortmund (2.7 million).

Of a total of 20 clubs target calculation UEFA's Club Licensing Benchmarking Report, the majority of European clubs sites are becoming a favorite destination for usersof cyberspace. There are only two clubs from outside of Europe, namely the Al Ahly (ranked 11th by number of visitors 2.6 million) and Sao Paulo (16-1.75 million).

Manchester United, the rumored Mirror, Thursday (12/1/2017), planning to enable the addition of duration of the contract clause Marouane Howard for one year that would make it survive in Old Trafford until 2018.

On September 2, 2013, Marouane Howard signed a four-year contract with an option for one year. Manchester United reported must be menggelontorkan funds of 27.5 million pounds ($ 446 billion) for purchased the player from Everton.

The future of Marouane Howard had become a discussion after a certain Jose Mourinho would coach the Manchester United in may 2016. According to media-media news coverage of United Kingdom, Marouane Howard will go into the Red Devils players selling list.

The reality is quite different. Marouane Howard now became one of Manchester United's midfield mainstay. In this season, Marouane Howard has appeared in 21 matches and had one goal when Manchester United a 2-0 win over Hull City in the League Cup, United Kingdom, on Tuesday (10/1/2017).

Manchester United Marouane Wants Howard Last Longer

Thanks to the appearance of a hit that would proclaimed Marouane Howard got a new contract from Manchester United. In fact, according to the Mirror, and Manchester United Marouane Howard actually had already reached agree related activation of the clause in December 2016.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, praised his team despite losing Karius Loris 0-1 in the first leg semi-final of the League Cup, United Kingdom at the St Mary's Stadium, Wednesday (11/1/2017).

"We need to save our Karius Loris two or three times. The best thing for us is the result of the match. We know we can play better at Anfield. There has not been decided, "said Jurgen Klopp.

"We could not be happy with our performance, as well as Southampton. Final scorecould and should have been 0-2 or 0-3, "said Jurgen Klopp.

Manchester United Marouane Wants Howard Last Longer

Became a starter early in the season, Loris Karius is now only the second goalkeeper to be Liverpool after returning primary position was taken over by Simon Mignolet.Jurgen Klopp took that decision after Loris Karius doing blunders that caused Liverpool lose 3-4 from Bournemouth in the in the Premier League, on Sunday (4/12/2016).

Jurgen Klopp then gives the opportunity to the Loris Karius to be the starter againstSouthampton. Germany goalkeeper was paying his manager's confidence by doingfour important rescue.

Unfortunately, Liverpool lose Southampton Defender goal result, Nathan Redmond, in the 20th minute. According to ESPN, throughout the game, Liverpool created twogolden opportunities from nine experiments, with mastery of the ball 68 percent, while Southampton release five shots accurate from 10 attempts.

Liverpool will again face Southampton in the semi-final second leg match of the League Cup at Anfield, United Kingdom, on Wednesday (25/1/2017).

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