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Manchester United Defends the offer of Lyon to Memphis Depay

Manchester United is rumored to Sky Sports on Thursday (12/1/2017), refused the offer of Lyon against the Memphis Depay.

The Lyon beat bids by Manchester United that was claimed to be worth 13 million pounds ($ 210.34 billion). That number is considered not in accordance with the wishes of Manchester United.

Manchester United will be losers if removing Depay with these prices. The Red Devils because, previous to spend worth 25 million pounds ($ 404.51 billion) while bringing Depay from PSV Eindhoven in 2015.

The future of Depay later became indeed speculation. It happened after the Netherlands midfielder could not enter into long-term plan Manager Jose Mourinho at OldTrafford. This season, new Depay played in nine matches at various event.

We know Manchester United are still waiting for an offer that's right for Depay. In addition to Lyon, Everton never previously stated interest to Depay.

Morgan Schneiderlin successful transfer to Everton allegedly could open the next transfer between the two clubs involving Depay.

Manchester United Defends the offer of Lyon to Memphis Depay

Manchester United through its official website on Thursday (12/1/2017), confirm thecontract extension Marouane Howard. It is done after the Red Devils enable clause contract extension Howard lasted one year.

With this new contract will make Howard stayed in the Old Trafford until 30 June 2018. The extension of the contract against Howard already was done thanks to the stylish appearance of the player this season.

Felllaini this season has already featured in 21 matches Manchester United on many different event. The latest, that Belgium midfielder scored his first goal of the season when Manchester United beat Hull City 2-0 in the first leg match of the semi-final of the League Cup, United Kingdom 2016-2017 on Tuesday (10/1/2017).

Howard is considered attractive contract extension since before the player's future had been the speculation over the presence of Manager Jose Mourinho. However, in the end it turned out that The Special One made impressed by the appearance of the player.

Marouane Howard joined Manchester United on September 2, 2013. At that time, Howard's former manager at Everton, transported, David Moyes. Until now, Howard recorded already appeared in 113 appearances and scored 14 goals for the Red Devils.

Former national team manager Graham Taylor, United Kingdom, died at the age of72 years, Thursday (12/1/2017). The architect of The Three Lions range 1990-1993 the allegedly died of a heart attack.

"With profound sadness, we should announce Graham died at his home this morning because of a suspected heart attack. Family was very sad will lose a very not suspected of this, "the family statement sound Graham Taylor cited such as Sky Sports.

Manchester United Defends the offer of Lyon to Memphis Depay

Graham Taylor initiated his career as a coach in 1972. The first club that fosterage was Lincol City. After five seasons for directing Lincoln City, Taylor then was appointed manager of Watford.

Born September 15, 1944 that recorded 10 season Watford menukangi. Taylor's career then continued with mengarsiteki Aston Villa for three seasons.

Graham Taylor was then believed to be the architects of the United Kingdom national team in 1993. Along with Taylor, the United Kingdom managed to compete in theEuropean Cup in 1992. However, when The Three Lions failed to qualify from the group phase. Minor results it makes Taylor resigned in November 1993.

After uninstalling the Office of the United Kingdom national team as Manager, Taylor had menukangi Wolverhampton Wanderers (1994-1995) and returned to Watford in 1996 to 2001. Taylor then ended his career in 2003 at Aston Villla.

"We are very sad to hear the news of the death of former United Kingdom national team manager, Graham Taylor, the" chirping United Kingdom Football Association(FA) official Twitter account.

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